Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You bite it, you write it...

2011 is going to be a really exciting year and with so many wonderful and close friends deciding to tie the knot, it's also going to be a year full of pictures to last a lifetime. Like most women, I spend the beginning of every year contemplating what I can do to make myself more healthy...and by healthy, I mean skinny and hot. I do this rather half-heartedly as I know that I'm unwilling to stick with any plan that forces me to rearrange my whole life to revolve around food and exercise. For this reason, I'm going to implement small attainable goals and new processes slowly. My 2011 Challenge # 1 is (drumroll please)...You bite it, you write it!

Lost inside of me somewhere is a skinny person. I have the fondest memories of her, but she got lost after college. She looked something like this (additional people removed from pic with big white boxes for privacy). I'm on a quest to find this girl again.  She was so confident and carefree!

I remember not feeling the least bit self conscious in a bikini and spending all day running on the beach with no thought about what might be jiggling behind me (or in front of me!). I remember not having to use bronzer to create the appearance of abs and visible collar bones. I remember sharp little hip bones sticking above low rise bottoms. I remember borrowing the most amazing size 00 True Religion jeans from my former roommate and not having to take a deep breath to button them...the good ole days!

At this point, I'm sure you're thinking: "Gosh, I've read tons of blog posts like this since the new year. What makes this girl so much different and how is she actually going to succeed?"

Don't fear for me. I've already begun building a huge network of bull headed friends to keep me accountable and harass me if/when I falter. Success is in my future! And to entice me even more, I ordered this awesome daily appointment book from Staples that I'm in love with. Being organized turns into an OCD habit for me.  This appointment book easily allows me to record what time I eat certain foods, quantities, and even has extra space at the bottom of each page to allow me to give myself feedback for the day, week, etc. Now I just need to sort through all the attractive pen options in my desk drawer...

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  1. You are too funny! I can hear you saying all of this. If I had to see in writing the things I had eaten in the last couple of days I probably wouldn't eat the rest of the week. Hey, you might have a good plan! As a side note, I read that people who eat multi-colored snacks (gummy bears!) are 40% more satisfied that people who ate monotoned snacks.