Wednesday, February 16, 2011

17 Day Diet

In addition to YBIYWI, on Tuesday, February 15, 2010 I started the 17 Day Diet developed by Dr. Mike Moreno. Basically any fad diet would've worked, but I picked this in particular because my friend Jenna wanted to do it as well. We talked it through and figured we'd be much more successful if we went at it as a pair. In addition, Sara and I have discussed it enough that she's helping me follow through by holding me accountable and finding ways I can improve. I basically check in with one or both of them on a daily basis and feel very positive about making a change in my eating habits. I liked the diet as well because it is divided into 3 17 Day "phases" along with a 4th phase for maintenance. Unfortunately, I share most meals with Lee who is the king of crap food, but I've been slowly learning to make better choices in all situations. 

The basics behind Phase 1 of the 17 Day Diet are unlimited lean proteins and cleansing veggie along with 2 fruit and probiotic servings per day as well as lots of green tea. My hatred for yogurt has made the probiotic servings the most challenging for me. I'm on the second day and have had no probiotic portions yet. I had a friend pick up some miso from the Asian grocery so I'm hoping that I can have some miso broth each day just to get in the serving. I need to go ahead and make the miso soup though; really I'm just holding myself back.

I've definately cut alot of calories out of my diet in the past 2 days. Due to an allergy/sinus issue, I can barely taste anything, so I'm not too desperate to eat as I can barely taste and smell. I had tomato basil soup for lunch today and could pretty much only taste the basil. I ate it and almost enjoyed it, but still it only tasted like basil leaves.

Have you ever adopted a fad diet? How did it work for you? Got any tips to help me stick to it?

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