Friday, February 18, 2011

YBIYWI...Check in for Week 2

I've begun relying a bit on blogging my diet info to help keep me accountable to the masses. YBIYWI went well for week 2; I think I'm fully in the swing of things. Combined with that, I've reached day 4 of the 17 Day Diet and I'm pretty sure if I can continue with the same attitude, I should eventually look like one of those bobble head girls from junior year; you know the ones who seemed to catch a slight case of anorexia overnight. A friends mom used to always say that a breif encounter with anorexia never hurt anyone...LOL. Luckily we took that with a grain of salt although I guess its not the message we want to share with impressionable young ladies. I share all that to say that I've greatly cut back on all the food I've been shoving into my body.

Frankly, I'm having a difficult time eating enough on the 17 Day Diet. I really don't like any of the probiotic options; I hate the texture of smoothies and yogurt. I do need to make some miso broth, but I sauteed all my mushrooms this week and didn't save any for miso. Next week I'll do better, but for this week, I've just not been eating those portions.

I also don't drink nearly enough green tea. I'm hoping I'll start to love the flavor, but right now, I'm just "in like" with it. I really only have about 12 oz a day and the diet specifies to have 3 glasses. Something else to work on.

I know that this weekend will be a big challenge. This will be my first weekend on the diet and it will be hard to avoid the pitfalls of burgers, cheese fries, chips & salsa, and mac & cheese. Nonetheless, I'm continuing on because somewhere inside of me a skinny girl is trapped and is just waiting to escape.

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  1. Tips that might help!

    1. I have a friend who also hates the texture of yogurt. She puts hers in the freezer for a little while which gives it a different texture. (I can't remember if it is regular yogurt or that Whips kind. I'll check.)

    2. I mix 1 bag of green tea with 1 bag of peach tea. I have some peach tea if you want to try before you buy. They mail nicely.