Friday, March 4, 2011

YBIYWI Check in #4

Who knew that eating good would make me feel good?

I'm about 80% on board with healthy eating at this point. I still sometimes want to shove cookies and potato chips in my mouth, but I'm doing a good job of refraining. In addition, I've gotten myself on a better schedule and have been sleeping more consistently. Combined, eating better and sleeping has definitely given me more energy and I feel great.

I still haven't weighed myself; I felt like it might put too much pressure on me. Much to my delight (and slight horror until I got a plan together), last night I tried on a bridesmaid dress that I'm wearing tomorrow. When I finally got myself all zipped up, I looked down to find the bust hovering somewhere around my hips. The dress was at least 2 sizes too big! It is really cute though.

I called my tailors around 8 this AM and was thrilled that they were in the shop early. They let me come by and graciously agreed to alter the dress by 9:45 tomorrow AM.

If I continue this phase, I'd say I'll be ready just in time for bikinis and WARM weather! Bring it on, Summer!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miss Southern Prep Giveaway

While trying to "get the hang" of blogging, I've been checking out lots of blogs to keep me motivated. One blog that I really love is Miss Southern Prep. When I read that blogger has a passion for pink and green, preppy clothes, Michael Buble, Gossip Girl, monograms, and pearls, I couldn't resist following. She also has a love for Charleston and being a SC girl, I'm sure she's a kindred spirit. Check her blog out today if you can b/c she's hosting a great giveaway :)