Friday, March 4, 2011

YBIYWI Check in #4

Who knew that eating good would make me feel good?

I'm about 80% on board with healthy eating at this point. I still sometimes want to shove cookies and potato chips in my mouth, but I'm doing a good job of refraining. In addition, I've gotten myself on a better schedule and have been sleeping more consistently. Combined, eating better and sleeping has definitely given me more energy and I feel great.

I still haven't weighed myself; I felt like it might put too much pressure on me. Much to my delight (and slight horror until I got a plan together), last night I tried on a bridesmaid dress that I'm wearing tomorrow. When I finally got myself all zipped up, I looked down to find the bust hovering somewhere around my hips. The dress was at least 2 sizes too big! It is really cute though.

I called my tailors around 8 this AM and was thrilled that they were in the shop early. They let me come by and graciously agreed to alter the dress by 9:45 tomorrow AM.

If I continue this phase, I'd say I'll be ready just in time for bikinis and WARM weather! Bring it on, Summer!

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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! I've been trying to spend more time at the gym to get ready for bikini season, too!