Friday, February 11, 2011

YBIYWI...Check in for Week 1

It's that time. YBIYWI is in full swing and week 1 actually went really well for me. I wrote down everything I ate and because of that I avoided alot of mindless snacking and random dessert binges (although I caved in with a few Hersey Kisses and a pre-diet gummy bear binge). Next week, I'll be announcing a new diet revolution, so get pumped. I've actually never ever tried to follow a diet before, but I need to develop into a healthy eater. In preparation, I added one cup of green tea to my diet each day. I really don't like hot beverages very much, but it's the easiest way for me to drink green tea at work within my schedule (the ice machine is located downstairs opposite the tea/coffee, so making a special trip all the time gets on my nerves). This weekend, I'm headed out for a Bachelorette weekend so the challenge will really set in as I attempt to not eat like a rabid pig all weekend.

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