Tuesday, February 22, 2011

YBIYWI...Check in #3

Instead of posting by week, I've taken to updating you on YBIYWI whenever it pleases me. This past weekend can best be described as semi epic fail. Friday went well, but Saturday and Sunday were failures.

1) I didn't even write it. I seemed to think that I'd "remember" everything I'd eaten and could just write it down later. Surprisingly (or not at all), today when I finally pulled out my planner to record everything, I couldn't remember at all what I'd eaten for dinner on Sunday. I think left the house, but I'm really not sure. If I had dinner with you on Sunday night, please let me know what I ate.

2) I ate a whole bunch of crap NOT outlined on the 17 day diet. Basically, I'm not allowed most carbs other than some fruits. I didn't eat anything on Saturday before I headed to a wedding shower that I was hosting. Before the end of the event, I'd shoved 8 pigs in a blanket, 4 cake squares and 3 tablespoons of buffalo chicken dip w/ corn chips into my mouth---not okay.

3) The initial failure @ the shower led to me "sneaking" snacks including more pigs in a blanket, buffalo chicken dip and even 2 chocolate chip cookies.

Now, I'm feeling pretty "back on track" today's lunch and dinner went well and I had lots of H20. I'm feeling recommitted to my plan.

Tonight, Lee wanted Mexican so I ordered a Pollo Salad and used salsa as the dressing. Luckily I ran into this lovely woman from work. I hadn't seen her in at least a month and she immediately commented that I looked fabulous and thin! After that, I'm recommitted and in it to win it! Let's go 17 Day Diet!

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