Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sometimes an apartment really can change your life...

As a teenager, it's hard to fathom that you really will make the best friends of your life in college. Looking back, it's easy to see how that happened to me. 

There's no denying that it's absolutely required to have one last fling before the ring. In the Spring, prior to the Garrick/Ellenberg nuptials, Sara and I planned a mini road trip to IOP to celebrate our favorite Orangeburg County native. We headed down on Friday evening, ready to party with a plan in tow. We spent the evening playing plenty of fun and slightly scandalous bachelorette games and reminisced about our years of friendship. Saturday, we explored the beach and even rescued a few starfish. That night, we headed out for dinner @ The Wreck I don't know how I've missed this gem for so long, but it's on my top 10 list for Charleston visits from now on...amazing. No lie, the place really looks like this:
We entered into a thin entry hall, and the hostess quickly filled our hands with ales from local breweries. We were seated rather quickly and our waitress was nothing short of charming. If you've ever been to Mac's Drive In in Clemson or D&S Subs in Hartsville, you'll easily be able to adapt to the "vibe" @ The Wreck. The rules are something like this:
  1. You can only order exactly as items are on the menu.
  2. Circle what you want with a red Sharpie marker on the paper menus...that way if you screw up, it's your own fault.
  3. No free refills on drinks.
  4. Tori and her mom, Lynn @ dinner

  5. No matter how many people are sitting @ your table, you're only getting 1 check. The Wreck staff isn't splitting it for you and you can only pay with one method. If someone doesn't bring check or cash, they're probably getting stuck with the bill because The Wreck is only running 1 credit card.
The food will keep you coming back (the BEST!!! and I've eaten alot of seafood) and it's so good that you'll be able to overlook "the rules". The atmosphere was fun, laid back, relaxed and fabulous. 
My side of the table. Love these ladies!

Sunday, I was sad to leave, but so excited for the upcoming wedding. Sara and I helped close up the house and were able to spend some time with Tori. We caught one final set of roomie photos before we departed. No matter what, I can never get enough of these 2. In a perfect world, they'd clearly be my neighbors. I guess at this point in our lives, moving back in to 142F University Village is a bit out of the question.

BFFs and the BEST roommates ever! These amazing women have affected my life in so many ways. 

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